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We have nearly two decades of experience within games, AR, VR and more.

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Task description: programming
Task description: concept design
Task description: art production

Game for World of Volvo

With our friends at Realise Communication we developed an imaginative and fantastical car game for Volvo Cars and the World of Volvo permanent exhibition in Gothenburg. The game makes the player aware of how easily distracted we can be while driving.

The kind but eccentric passenger Glenn makes the trip through a colorful landscape a fun and unique experience, while distractions effectively show just how quick our focus can be lost. Are you able to follow the fox and still stay safe on the road?


Task description: programming
Target devices: Android and iOS
Casual game

Casual mobile game

Lifty is a free-to-play game for the mobile platform. Players race against the clock to climb the tower and deliver the colourful Lifties.

Provided with a concept and storyline, we developed the complete core of the game and worked with a multitude of external artists to incorporate graphics and sound effects.

Created for and together with our Australian friends at Major Frank.


Task description: programming
VR boat simulation screenshots

VR for exhibitions

Together with our friends at Rapid Images we created this VR boat simulator used in trade fairs. The main objective of the project was to showcase some of the new docking functionality that Volvo Penta provides through it's new driveline. We also incorporated an authentic joystick to add to the realism.

The player guides their boat to a docking spot in VR using these new functions as other fairgoers can follow their progress on a large screen.


Task description: programming
Target devices: Android and iOS
Task description: art production
Task description: concept design
Artkartan loading screen
Artkartan main observation map
Artkartan observation details and species info

Educational mobile app

Curious about the species around you, or would you like to explore nature from the couch? Our app Artkartan (Swedish for Species Map) shows what observations of wild plants, animals and fungi have been made around Sweden.


Sightings are displayed on a map where you can filter by species or time of observation. More information about the species is available when exploring an observation, all gathered in one place!


The app is currently only available in Sweden.

Link to Artkartan on App Store
Opens Artkartan in Google Play


Task: front-end AR programming and backend programming
Target devices: tablets

AR for tablets


For the Irish company Black Diamond Reality, we developed a complete framework for dynamically creating and presenting augmented reality experiences used in escape rooms. Using an online admin portal, escape room hosts can create and edit digital content which their customers get to experience on dedicated tablet devices inside the physical escape rooms.


Target platform: PC
Task description: art production
Task description: concept design
Task description: programming
Truck simulator preview

Serious game for desktop

The FMX simulator is a serious game for Volvo Trucks published as a standalone desktop application. We built the game from scratch and incorporated real-world engine and gearbox functionality to demo the all new heavy duty construction truck on an ultrawide display setup with an authentic gear lever and steering wheel.


The game was created in close cooperation with Stage IT AB.



Räven was founded in 2006 and has since worked on a wide range of projects for a just as wide range of audiences and clients. From mobile games to educational tools, complex VR and AR experiences as well as simulators. Projects have been deployed on a multitude of platforms to meet the audiences where they are. Being a small studio we pride ourselves on professionalism without any unnecessary filters between client and developer.

With close to two decades of general game development experience and 15+ years of Unity specific expertise, we are comfortable taking on full projects or playing a part in a greater scenario.

Below is a list of some of the clients we are proud to have been working together with.

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